Busy DAO is a decentralized distributed solution leveraging blockchain technology as a decentralized platform for freelancers. The Web 3.0 engine will be distributed to everyone who will see an advantage in it through smart contracts.


Busy DAO uses BusyXChain blockchain solution as a basis. It uses its own proof of stake consensus, where users who verify the authenticity of blocks are randomly selected. Everything goes fast and the data is immediately written to the block.

This process ensures a high level of security and prevents the so-called double-spending. This system also contributes to overall decentralization, as each active user is part of the network. These features ensure high the throughput of the entire network.


Busy DAO

This unique model represents the developed Busy DAO technology, which will be applicable to other B2C/C2C platforms through smart contracts.

The developed Busy DAO brings a comprehensive Web 3.0 solution and a decentralized freelance platform.
Utility staking is an innovative blockchain feature that will give the real use case of the staking model with platform space occupation and generated reward.

utility staking | fully automatic platform | decentralized governance | security | transparency | own coin | online and offline solution


The freelance platform will be built on a unique Web 3.0 technology as a charge-free solution that will make every user a vital part of the platform’s decentralized ecosystem. Each user of the platform can through utility staking occupy space on the platform and profit from staking with a fixed reward of 33% p.a.

Potential disputes and arguments will be governed by the users in the ecosystem in a decentralized way and results will be recorded in the blockchain. Transparently and confidently.

These unique platform features will provide fair conditions and a DeFi economic model to reduce low-quality and spam offers and deliver the best experience for everybody.


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If you want to read more technical documentation, check our white paper.

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We have got many videos where we are introducing the Busy technology, together with Medium articles.


Team meets
Company founded
White paper
The idea was born as a result of chaos, spam, preference of quantity over quality, and overpressure on the current freelance e-commerce platforms. To develop unique blockchain technology inseparable tethered with the platform to bring better solutions to e-commerce platforms, especially in freelance businesses.

We managed to find the best experts in their fields and this established an irreplaceable team of passionate blockchain enthusiasts and developers who shifted the Busy project from the idea to reality.
Company Busy Technology s. r. o. was founded to associate founders and a team of developers in a legal structure.
The technology’s aspects and details were written and a white paper was created.
2021 Q1
ERC-20 token
Private Sale
The Private Sale was implemented to achieve a strategic partnership that will significantly support the development of the project.
ERC-20 token was chosen due to reliable properties, already established adoption to support early development of the community and project’s ecosystem. It will be swapped in a ratio of 1:1 by our own mainnet coins later used as the main currency on the platform.
2021 Q2
Public Sale
The Public Sale is chosen for its decentralized property and overall adoption to support ecosystem and community development.
2021 Q3/Q4
Community testing
Kubernetes Channel
Bug bounty program
Kubernetes will be configured to set the final channel structure of the BusyDAO Testnet. Bug bounty program will start together with Community Testing.
2022 Q1
Alpha desktop wallet release
Chaincode security testing v1
The desktop wallet will be released.
BusyDAO chaincode security testing will be performed by a specialized blockchain auditing company or Penetration Company.
2022 Q2
BusyDAO chaincode audit
Kubernetes deploy
BusyDAO chaincode will be audited by a specialized company CyStack.
BusyDAO chaincode will be deployed on the final Kubernetes network used for the mainnet. All security testings, including penetration tests, will be done on the Kubernetes.
2022 Q3
BusyDAO chaincode audit – revalidation
Community Testing V2
BusyDAO chaincode audit Security & Penetration Testing
The whole Busy DAO engine community testing V2 will be released. Advances security testing, including penetration tests will take a place.
2023 Q1-Q4
Platform development and testnet connection BusyDAO chaincode maintenance
2024 Q1-Q3
DAO Prototype
DAO Testnet Connection
BusyDAO Platform development and testnet connection, DAO chaincode maintenance & testing. DAO prototype release, final testing, DAO mainnet connection preparation.
2024 Q4
Token swap
Platform alpha
Mainnet will be launched, and the ERC-20 swap to $BUSY coins will be available, including also the staking option. The platform will be released in the public alpha version. It will create a wallet interface with the BusyDAO chaincode.
2025 Q1
Mobile app
Platform public beta
The Busy DAO mobile application will be designed, created, and introduced to the world for greater adoption. Beta version of the platform will be launched for early adopters, testers, and feedback from our community.
2025 Q4
Platform ready for mainstream adoption
Thanks to the implementation of the mainstream options tethered with blockchain solutions and extensive decentralization of the platform, platform and technology will be fully prepared for global mainstream adoption and will be able to compete with current platforms and technologies.


Hover on any time point on the timeline on the left to see the description.

Hover on any time point on the timeline on the left to see the description.

Click on any time point on the timeline on the left to see the description.

Click on any time point on the timeline on the left to see the description.


We are a blockchain development company founded in 2020 and located in Prague (Czech Republic). Busy Technology has commissioned five globally distributed teams and several highly experienced developers and blockchain enthusiasts.

We are making the e-commerce market more decentralized. The first concept of our project was created at the beginning of 2020 when our team gradually began to form. We are bringing a revolutionary DAO platform for freelancers and a comprehensive Web 3.0 solution for the future of B2C/C2C platforms.


Our advisors are experienced and skilled experts that are contributing and collaborating in many areas from technology development to marketing strategies to help the Busy DAO on the road to global adoption.

Sunil Bhat – Advisor

Sunil Bhat


Daryl Naidoo – Advisor

Daryl Naidoo


Antonio Grasso – Advisor

Antonio Grasso


Krishnendu Chatterjee, Ph.D. – Advisor

Krishnendu Chatterjee, Ph.D.


Bryan Woods – Advisor

Bryan Woods


Shohel Alam – Advisor

Shohel Alam


Partners and Investors